Cold Chain Uganda

Elgon Fresh Solutions is a start-up that aims to reduce food waste in Uganda. Elgon wants to achieve this by means of reviewing and optimizing the entire supply chain of tomatoes from local farmers to the central markets. The new company is founded by Creamo and Einstein Rising. The Humasol team plays a big role in the technical assistance of a local team of seasoned entrepreneurs as well as recently graduated engineers and business administration professionals.

Food waste has both a major economic impact and an impact on the environment. By optimizing the inefficient parts of the supply chain, products can be kept fresh for longer and a larger fraction can reach the consumer before it expires. Elgon will be an eco-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective wholesaler that will improve the income of local producers and/or shops. In addition, it will reduce food waste and increase the value of the product.

The team will analyze different parts of the supply chain. More specific, they will come up with prototypes for a zero energy cooling chamber at the farmer’s side and a new concept of transportation where the damaging of tomatoes is avoided.

This project will focus mostly on two Sustainable Development Goals. The essence of the project will be SDG 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure, and SDG 12, responsible consumption and production.



Louis Veheyen


Hannah Vanhoof


Willem Vanmoerkerke


Kate Mouling


Eline Coenaerts



ZECC 1-2

  After half a year of preparation and a week in the busy city center of Kampala, we finally travelled to the peaceful countryside of the Kayunga district. Here the team had found some farmers who were willing to help us build the prototypes and provide the...

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First trip to Jinja

After a lovely slow Saturday, our teammember Matthew took us (Kate, Willem and Hannah) to his hometown Jinja. This is one of the a larger towns in Uganda with lots and lots of tourist activities mainly because it's located at the source of the river Nile. We tried to...

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Murchison Falls

Hello everyone, As I (Louis) will be leaving Uganda earlier than the rest of the Elgon Fresh team, I will be missing out on the round trip. To make up for this, I arranged a weekendtrip to Murchison Falls with another Humasol team. Because my team will pass by this...

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Slow Saturdays

Saturday 23/07 After a week of hard work, building the ZECCs, we decided on a slow Saturday. Since we spend a lot of time with Mrs Wagwale and her children, we already bonded a lot and we got invited to their church service on Saturday. We didn't know what to expect...

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Mabira forest

After a slow Saturday - see other blogpost- Louis' enthousiasm convinced the Ugandese team to go on a more adventurous trip! Yayy! After some negotiations with taxi drivers at kangulumira (by our Ugandese team, of course) we found a driver that was willing to take us...

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Getting ZECC-ready

Preparing our first meeting At the end of our three days of inspiration tour in Kampala, it was finally time to meet the team and have our first meeting about the ZECCs. Because the inspiration tour was very time consuming, we had to prepare the meeting during the...

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Inspiration tour

During our first three days in Uganda, we visited multiple companies supported by Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (OVO) and Einstein Rising. We learned about many social businesses and how they managed to make a real difference!Rena beverages Rena beverages produces...

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The long-awaited moment finally arrived!!!←Preparations  Inspiration Tour →

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Elgon Fresh Solutions Elgon Fresh Solutions is a Ugandan start-up that aims to reduce food waste. By innovating the supply chain they want to reduce post-harvest losses that are currently estimated at 40 %. The Humasol team gives technical assistance by coming up with...

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