Storagel Mozambique

Many countries in Africa have problems with food storage resulting in food waste. More specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa, 30-50% of production is lost at various points along the value chain. If the amount of food waste can be reduced, this would reduce hunger and also reduce production, resulting in less overfishing and less depreciation of agricultural land. 

StoraGel is a start-up that aims to reduce food waste in Mozambique. They want to achieve this by means of cooled storage or transportation provided with a sustainable, reliable energy source. In this way, the cold chain of fish, meat, vegetables or fruit can be maintained. StoraGel is founded by Banon Mutihinda-Bambe, a finance manager from Rwanda who lives in Belgium. With support of Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (OvO) and Humasol, he wants to make his dream become a reality.

Food waste has both a major economic impact and an impact on the environment. By filling in the gaps in the cold chain, products can be kept fresh for longer and a larger fraction can reach the consumer before it expires. StoraGel will be an eco-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective cold storage facility that will improve the income of local producers and/or shops. In addition, it will reduce food waste and increase the value of the product.

The main challenges for the Humasol team in this project are to identify gaps in the cold chain and in what part of the chain cooling is needed the most. To gather this information, the team reaches out to local retailers, farmers and cooperatives. The market research should give the team more information about the optimal location for the startup or the choice between local storage or cooled transportation.



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