Murchison Falls

Hello everyone,

As I (Louis) will be leaving Uganda earlier than the rest of the Elgon Fresh team, I will be missing out on the round trip. To make up for this, I arranged a weekendtrip to Murchison Falls with another Humasol team. Because my team will pass by this wonderfull place on their round trip, they decided to make a small weekend trip to Jinja (Source of the Nile) while I was in Murchison Falls. 

Walking with D(rh)inosaurs

On friday very early in the morning the Gamrupa team (AKA the Soetkins), Pius, the driver and I set off to Murchison Falls National Park up North in Uganda. This long drive also took us past the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where we stopped for a quick lunch break and a walking safari with the white rhinos. Besides Rhinos, we also saw some monkeys, warthogs, deer and a variety of birds.  As a first safari experience this one will be hard to match!


Game drive 1

After a “meh” night with 5 in the makeshift Ugandan tent made for 4, we headed out for our first game drive. This game drive took us right into the Victoria Nile delta, a place where many wild animals come to hunt, graze, drink an sleep. Within the park it is thus the most densly populated area. In this action packed morning we encountered buffalo, giraffes, elephants, antilopes, deer, lions, leopards and many more. As this was our first ever game drive we maybe didn’t realize it yet but we were extremely lucky to see that many animals in one drive, special thanks to our amazing ranger!!

A Nile on the Nile

After the action packed game drive from that morning, we set out in a small boat for a boat safari. Here we saw some more elephants, hippos, crocodiles and many different species of birds. As we approached the waterfalls we layed back, drank a Nile on the Nile and enjoyed the views. 

Game drive 2

After another “meh” night in our tent where this time we had a visitor at night (a hippo came to eat near our tent) we set off again for another safari drive. This time we had a more charming vehicle, namely an open top land rover defender that could only start by manually pushing it. Because the first game drive was so good, we wanted to discover a different area of the park where the focus was more on nature, viewpoints and not about trying to hunt down every animal in your car. Our guide Silver did an amazing job and led us to some amazing places where we found some animals in the more secluded areas of the park. 

To finish off this amazing weekend, we went and hiked to the top of the Murchison Falls. These waterfalls are known for being the most powerfull waterfalls in the world (because the Nile has to go through a gorge of only 7 meters wide). Besides the amazing views and the impressive waterfalls, we also made a little hike to close off our Murchison Falls trip. After this short but intense trip the team embarked again on their drive back to Kampala. 

Thank you for reading my adventures and a special thanks to the team of the Soetkins for making this trip possible! LOUIS OUT!