Inspiration tour

During our first three days in Uganda, we visited multiple companies supported by Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (OVO) and Einstein Rising. We learned about many social businesses and how they managed to make a real difference!

Rena beverages

Rena beverages produces drinks based on hibiscus, a plant full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Louis couldn’t contain himself to drink a bottle of their wines.

Clinic Masters

Clinic Masters created software to provide innovative Solutions through automation to improve information flow and data ­management in Health Care facilities.

Imani Academy

The mission of Imani is to make high-quality education accessible to pupils from disadvantaged communities in Africa in order to empower them to become leaders of positive influence. Afterwards the kids thaught us how to dance traditionally.

Bold Energy

Bold Energy is an energy-focused manufacturing company to stimulate renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

They produced a more energy-efficient stove made from local materials for households to conserve firewood and charcoal.


Innovex is at the heart of developing Africa’s next generation embedded technologies. From IoT solutions for monitoring energy systems to custom-built drone and robotic applications, as well as medical diagnostics, monitoring, and therapeutic systems, they are positioning theirselves at the center of Africa’s socio-economic transformation.

They might be a very potential partner for Humasol in the future to increase our monitoring capabilities of PV installations.

Technology for Tomorrow

Technology for Tomorrow or T4T wants to improve lives through appropriate technology. 

Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks technology needs to decrease construction cost and increase reusability of bricks by mitigating cement.

MakaPads are sanitary pads made from papyrus and paper waste.

MAK incinerators reduces waste by 95% volume. They are used to safely manage biohazardous waste at hospitals and health centers across Uganda.


After recharging on Mangos we visited Akaboxi, which provides communities with a robust and secure way of handling savings kept in boxes, to be managed and monitored by use of a Digitalized Financial Inclusion system.