In a six-episodes documentary, we tell the story of a Humasol project from start to finish.

Which problems do the local people struggle with and what does their everyday life look like?

Which impact can sustainable development have for them?

Discover it with us!

I. A call from the South

  II. Kawsu

III. Tobaab

IV. Sariba

V. We’re fine

VI. Ebrahima

A Call From The South

Our student team is still in Belgium, preparing for their project. They do everything they can to finish all necessary preparations before departure. Will they be ready and do they feel prepared for what is coming?


Kawsu, our contact person in the village of Kuntung is introduced. He explains their way of living and what they would need in order to improve their living standards.


Our students have arrived in Kunting. They get to know the local village and learn about the importance of their project.


We meet Saribu, the chief of the woman gatherings. She explains the impact that global warming has had on their harvest and the need for extra medical healthcare. She expresses her hope for a better future for the younger generations

We’re fine

It is time for our students to say goodbye to the village of Kunting. They install a last smaller solar installation that will generate enough money to maintain all the other installations. They look back on their adventure of the past months.


Our students have returned home but the installation is of course still operational. Through the eyes of a young boy, Ibrahima, we discover the impact the installation has on everyday life in Kunting.


Final word

Humasol was founded back in 2008 and since then we have been doing over 50 projects in 10 different countries. We learned a lot about sustainable development throughout the years and use this experience to further improve our projects and deliver better and more sustainable results every year. However, this vast amount of knowledge is kept inside our organisation and it is hard for outsiders to visualize the true meaning of sustainable development and what it is we do exactly as an organisation.

In 2018, we discovered that the European Union was awarding grants (frame voice report) to organisations wanting to spread their knowledge about sustainable development to the big masses by means of videomaterial. We saw an opportunity and jumped on it immediately. We applied for the grant, contacted different capable documentary makers and picked a suitable project for this purpose. The result of a year of hard work is visualized on this page. 

The chosen project took place in Gambia where our student team installed PV installations to provide lighting and sockets for the people of the rural village Kunting.. A big shoutout to our project students Lise, Emiel and Simon for starring in this documentary and to our filmmakers of Startmotion for all their efforts in relentlessly filming and editing to deliver this result!

We hope you had fun watching and have learned something extra about sustainable development! If you want to volunteer in our organisation, propose a new project or simply support us financially, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Humasol board

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