Getting ZECC-ready

Preparing our first meeting

At the end of our three days of inspiration tour in Kampala, it was finally time to meet the team and have our first meeting about the ZECCs. Because the inspiration tour was very time consuming, we had to prepare the meeting during the nighttime hours. We got through it with some music and Willem’s motivational speeches and enthousiasm.  

Meeting time!

With only a couple of hours of sleep and a lovely breakfast made by Claire from the White Castle, we left our hotel and headed for the Einstein Rising office in Muyenga at 8 in the morning. The presentation went very well and we had a lovely lunch of -surprise, surprise- matooke, pocho and rice. At the end of the meal, we surprised the Elgon team with a box of Leonidas chocolates. You should have seen the delight on their faces when tasting the delicious pralines. The afternoon started with some teambuilding in the form of a game of frisbee and some deep conversations on the cultural differences and pressing issues in Uganda. Ofcourse, the whole day was spent at an African pace. We spent the night at the office of Einstein Rising on our matresses, safe under our mosquito nets.


Shopping for essentials

The day after, we joined the Elgon team on a trip to downtown Kampala to get all the materials for the construction of the ZECCs. We were accompanied by James, Peter and Sowed as our personal bodyguards to guide us through the choas of the city center. While navigating through the boda boda’s, taxis and trucks we managed to get alle the necessary equipment in the maze of shops. After this long and exhausting trip, we got ourselves some delicious fruits from the Nakassere market and headed back to the office. We spent the quiet evening ‘kleurenwiezen with some bushera and a local beer. On Monday we’re headed to Kayunga to start building the ZECCs and engage with the local farmers. We can’t wait to share our next adventures with you!!