Mabira forest

Getting lost in Uganda’s largest tropical rainforest!

After a slow Saturday – see other blogpost- Louis’ enthousiasm convinced the Ugandese team to go on a more adventurous trip! Yayy! After some negotiations with taxi drivers at kangulumira (by our Ugandese team, of course) we found a driver that was willing to take us to Mabira forest! A guide showed us different special species of trees, monkeys (the first primates we saw here!!!), cacao beans, birds,… SO SO BREATHTAKING!  As we were walking it was a challenge to look up to spot monkeys and birds and to look down so you wouldn’t fall over giant tree roots! After a  beautiful thirty minute walk we had some refreshing pineapple and decided to go for another walk because none of us were done yet with the beautiful nature! Besides the amazing sights, the very typical rainforest-smell added an other dimension to the experience!