above- and underground ZECC


After half a year of preparation and a week in the busy city center of Kampala, we finally travelled to the peaceful countryside of the Kayunga district. Here the team had found some farmers who were willing to help us build the prototypes and provide the necessary land.  The agreement was that we would build the above and underground ZECC at the farm of mrs Wagwale. After that we would start construction of the third one at “the chairman’s” farm (big boss among the farmers in Kayunga) .  So for starters we met the lovely mrs Wagwale and her children, who throughout the week more and more became like a mother to us all, caring for us and providing us with the biggest plates of food straight from her gardens.


A typical day of building ZECCs

7 am : Team lead and assistent team lead wake up everyone. 

8 am: Everyone gathers in the small garden outside our residence, awake ,fresh and ready for briefing. Before we brief one another on the day’s plan we make some time for prayer. This is quite an unusual habit to us and thus when the team requested us to pray for them this often led to some very funny improvising and unique prayers (nevertheless while still being respecfull to their traditions and values ofcourse). 

8 :15 – 10 am: Team heads out to JK restaurant where we have a veeeerrry long breakfast. As always, the menu consists of rice, matooke, avocado, tomatoes, beans and occasionally a samosa or a rolex. 

10 am – 2 pm: Team starts constructing ZECCS, often while singing and dancing to some juicy Ugandan barsss ( lees: heerlijke dansmuziek) 

 2 pm – 3:30 pm: We all gather in mrs Wagwales living room to have lunch. After yet another prayer, she brings us the most giant plates of food we have ever seen and start digging in ( Lees: veel eten).  After this amazing lunch, the team falls into a food coma and lies in the sofa for another half hour. 

3:30 pm – 6 pm: When the team has finally restored their energy level, it heads out again to the construction site.

6 pm – 8 pm: Time to leave the construction site and to clean up and take a refreshing shower after the long day of work ( if there is running water, otherwise use the jerrycan to clean yourself).  To end the day we often play some soccer in the backyard of the new Orleans residence. The dinner takes place at JK restaurant as well, where we eat the same food as we had in the morning.

8pm – 10pm: We end the day with a debriefing to talk about the day, what went good and what didn’t. At the end of the debriefing, our praying skills are put to the test once again. Now it’s time for bed so that the team is fresh tomorrow for another day of ZECC building.



At the end of the first week we finished our first 2 ZECC prototypes. This includes the covers, the irrigation systems, the shed and the masonry itself.  Next up, we go to the chairman of the village to build another prototype. Keep you guys posted!