Slow Saturdays

Getting to know the village and its beautiful surroundings

Saturday 23/07

After a week of hard work, building the ZECCs, we decided on a slow Saturday. Since we spend a lot of time with Mrs Wagwale and her children, we already bonded a lot and we got invited to their church service on Saturday. We didn’t know what to expect at all! It turned out to be a whole day of church service (!) but we only attended for about two hours. Everyone was very welcoming and they tried their best to translate as much as possible from Luganda to English. They discussed bible stories and verses and we all sang songs in Luganda! We were called in front of the church and were formally introduced by Mrs Wagwale. We showed off our best Luganda… ‘Hi’, ‘God protects you’ and ‘Nice to meet you’! (For now this is all we know although the children of Mrs Wagwale try to teach us some more :)) )

Afterwards, we went to Mrs Wagwale for lunch and after we all ate toooo much, we fell asleep in her livingroom (lees: boefdoef 😉 ). 

We then decided to go to the River Nile (for the first time!). It was breathtaking!!! We could only understand the power and beauty of the River Nile when standing right in front of it and we all felt so gratefull for this amazing experience!


Saturday 30/07

(Louis wasn’t there as he was discovering Uganda’s wildlife with another Humasol group – read all about it in his blogpost!)

This Saturday started off very similar to the previous one (going to the church and to River Nile) excepttt for the clothing!!! Mrs Wagwale did us the honour of dressing the girls in one of her traditional Gomesi, a dress worn by Buganda and Busoga women, and to dress Willem in a Kanzu, a traditional outfit for the men. It was both awkward and a whole lot of fun! (See the pictures!) 

We all walked (or stumbled on our too big or too small borrowed heels aaah) to the church. The church community was again very welcoming and we attended for about 3 hours. We saw a very beautifull church owl, we got better in singing in Luganda and got to know more people of the community.

Afterwards we had lunch (a huge pile of matoke!) together with the community in church. Instead of falling asleep again, we went to the River Nile right away! It seemed to be even more wild and beautifull than the last time!