A project where economic growth, renewable energy and international solidarity go hand in hand. KinkeliBa strives for a sustainable world in which everyone has equal opportunities. Since 2019, the Belgian non-profit organization has been providing support to several local projects in Senegal, focusing on entrepreneurship, education, culture, climate and renewable energy. One of these projects is Sokhna Mai.


Sokhna Mai is a Senegalese association consisting of thirty women who process local fruits into jam. After six successful years, the ambition arises to expand their assortment with alternative products by also processing vegetables and grains in addition to jams. To achieve this, two additional rooms are being built for production and storage. With sustainability and climate in mind, these will be built from raw earth brick and will run entirely on renewable energy.


As project students, we will work closely with Sokhna Mai to provide the new buildings with electricity through a solar panel installation. In addition, a business plan will be established to ensure long-term independence and employment. In this way, we are reaching out a helping hand to the women of Sokhna Mai in achieving their goals, so that they can continue to support the local economy for future generations.

Frederik Aerts


Christophe Dept


Amaris Dehertogh


Nhan Nguyen


Emma Van Roy