Smart Village 2022

Many cities in Senegal will not have access to electricity in the next 10 years. Because of that, many cities and villages are currently dependent on fossil fuels for their electricity which is often used for the local water pumps. This is both bad for the environment and expensive for the people who use it.

With the project SmartVillages, Ondernemers voor Ondernemers wants to, together with local companies, solve this problem by installing photovoltaic (PV) panels. These will turn solar energy into electricity that can be used for the pump and in that way serve the community with green and sustainable energy. 

We will be joining OvO in Ndalla, Senegal, where a PV installation will be installed. This will not only generate energy for the local water pump, but will also provide an excess of energy which can be used for additional projects. We will examine multiple options including the use of induction cookers to prevent the use of wood during cooking and also other ways to introduce a new way of safe and healthy cooking in Ndalla.



Lise Vanden Berghe


Maxim Rutten


Cas Decancq


Emma Van Roy


Laura Sioen



Ndalla, here we come!

Ndalla, here we come!

Welcome to our blog! With only a month left before we leave, we would like to present ourselves and our project!

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