In a bit more than a month, we will be leaving Belgium for two months and head towards Ndalla, Senegal. We are super excited to show the people of Ndalla what we have been working on for the past year and would love to take all of you with us on this journey. So welcome to our blog, where we will update you on the progress of our project and our experiences in Senegal.

Who are we?

We are four students of Ghent University that have been part of Humasol since September 2021. Lise (21) is studying Applied Economic Sciences, Cas (21) Bio-Engineering, Emma (22) Biomedical Engineering and Maxim (23) Electrochemical Engineering.

We have been working, together with Ondernemers voor Ondernemers, OvO, on the SmartVillages project for a year. During this year, we have done all the theoretical preparation needed to make this project a success for the the local population in and around Ndalla, for OvO and for Humasol.

What are we going to do?

Our project in Ndalla consists of multiple parts, all with the goal to make renewable energy as accessible, reliable and efficient as possible.

The first goal is to optimise the solar panel installation that is currently being installed in Ndalla. These solar panels will provide electricty to the local water pump. However, during our calculations, it was proven that the installation will generate more electricity than needed for the pump. A market research and continuous observations will hopefully indicate alternative ways of using this electricty in the future.

The second goal, with an eye on a future with clean energy, is the construction of a prototype to test both solar tracking and the use of induction stoves. Solar tracking allows the solar panels to follow the position of the sun during the day, increasing the output of the installation. Induction stoves could be an option to go towards a more healthy and safe way of cooking.

Lastly, small side projects, such as a collaboration with local Senegalese students, the possibility of agroforestry, etc., will be carried out.

Here we go!

We have received our vaccines, our airplane tickets are bought and all the preparation is done. We are ready to start this adventure and can’t wait to take you along! 

See you in Senegal!

Lise, Cas, Maxim & Emma

From right to left: Cas, Lise, Emma, Peter (OvO), Guy (OvO), Daha (OvO), & Philippe (OvO) (Maxim is the one taking the picture 😉 )

Start of the SmartVillages project