Week 1 in Tanzania has been an incredible journey, and we’re excited to share our experiences with our friends and family.

Upon our safe arrival at the campus, we wasted no time in getting to work. The first thing we did was assess the current situation and make necessary adjustments to our plans based on the real situation. Engaging with local engineers, we discussed our ideas extensively, and as a result, we have now placed orders for all the required components. We eagerly await their arrival, which will be crucial for the next steps of our project.

While waiting for the components, we utilized our time wisely. One essential task we undertook was reviewing all the electrical wiring in the buildings. Although it was time-consuming, we recognized its importance in making future maintenance work easier.

In addition to our project-related work, we took advantage of our spare time to immerse ourselves in the local culture. We delved into the world of the congregation of St. Francis the Sales by visiting some of their other facilities in Tanzania. We saw how their work positively impacts entire communities.

Our adventures didn’t end there. We ventured out to explore the beauty of Tanzania, from the vibrant city of Arusha to the scenic Morogoro, passing through the stunning Usumbara mountain range, and then onwards to Kikunde. Our journey also took us back to Arusha via the capital, Dodoma, and included glimps of the national parks of Manyara and Tarangire. One of the highlights was a stunning walk in the Uluguru mountains.

Throughout our travels, we encountered different villages and experienced diverse climates. We had the pleasure of conversing with locals, gaining insights into their way of life, and trying various types of fruits (sugar canes, seeds of the baobab, jackfruit), vegetables, and even indulging in Tanzanian fast food (chips mayai!).

See you next time!