We’ve spend the last weeks in Kampala, still working for VMG. Just as we prepared while in Belgium and as we did during the first week, we kept on focusing on the sales of vertical farms and gimusa soil, the main products of the company. We had some discussions about the business plan and looked into different options of partnering with supermarkets, schools, hotels and restaurants. We’ve visited some companies to discuss these things with them and explore the different possibilities. 

Paul, the big boss of VMG, also got the good news that VMG is among the 5 winners of a 250,000 dollars grant for the project he has in the refugee settlements Rhino camp and Kyaka II. This project is under the Local Innovation for Nutrition Solutions Project (LINS), which was implemented by Response Innovation Lab (RIL) Uganda, partnering with Save The Children and Innovation Norway, the latter being responsible for the funding.


As you might remember () from our last post, we went to Kyaka II to train some of the enumerators to take surveys which should provide insight into the current nutritional situation. Together with Paul, we processed the data and wrote a report on it. 

Last Wednesday, we finished our tasks at VMG and set off to Jinja in a taxi bus for 14 people filled with 22, where we will be working on the MACCA project.