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For the final week (before discovering the South as a gringo tourist) I needed to recollect the distributed sensors and the farmers’ final feedback. In general, those that had experienced a trial period with one of the Humasol sensors were very positive and wanted to buy one before I left. As the humidity sensors still need some technical improvements (such as a quadratic estimation instead of a linear one) in order to guarantee a continued functionality, I promised we would remain in touch. Thanks to this final feedback I also gained insight in the importance to be able to measure café pergamino, especially for the larger/bigger farmers – those who produce more than 50 ‘quintal’ or around 2.700 kg of coffee).

With this useful information/feedback, I was ready to discuss the follow-up opportunities for the coffee related projects with Gerardo – the boss or ‘gerente’ from Sol y Café – and Abdias from the Prosperidad de Chirinos. Moreover, we discussed the possiblity of distributing the Draminski – a more expensive humidity sensor from a Polish company which is already being commercialized – by importing it into Peru. So far this looks like a viable option to improve the coffee farmers’ quality of life and have a durable impact on a more shorter term, but this

Meanwhile in Chirinos, it was the celebration of the saint Catherena/… on wednesday. But why party only one day if it could last 3 days? So during these last days Chirinos transformed in a big market filled with food stalls, attractions and a coffee competition. To top it all off, a big ending/closing party was thrown on thursday night.

After arranging the last practicalities it was time for saying goodbyes. Everybody working at the cooperativa was curious about when we would come back. Although it feels good to go back home, I know that I will miss it while looking back at this unforgettable experience. Therefore I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible, in particular my project coaches in Belgium – Thomas and Jorn – for the advice, my sponsors for their support and Lenin for his help and the many shared adventures.

Group picture catadores Sol y Café

Picture with Lenin bromance.

LESSON OF THE WEEK n°5: Although the Peruvian lifestyle is not always the most organized, it will definitely be missed. Also, they really like chicken and rice here.