Wastewater Treatment Ngobya Primary School


Creating Power is a non-profit organization focusing on the Ngobya primary school located 20km of Masaka, Uganda. Our project is part of a long-term partnership between Creating Power and the school. 


Ngobya currently struggles to provide a reliable water supply for the 300 students, teachers and staff members. This problem stems from the fact that the school mainly depends on rainwater of which the supply is increasingly unreliable due to irregular rainfall. Therefore, the school must supplement their water tanks with city water which is of poor quality and is not always delivered on time. Moreover, the overflow of the wastewater is currently dumped onto a nearby field, which can cause future problems. 


Our goal is to tackle both these problems by implementing a new wastewater treatment system that separates and purifies the gray water (e.g. water coming from the kitchen and showers). The treated water can then be used for toilets, cleaning, washing and in the long run for irrigation. Doing this will ensure a more reliable water supply and will hopefully be financially advantageous as well.  


Emma Vandamme


Wiede Ceulemans


Freya Beyne


Maurie Keppens


Elisabeth Depla



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