From Waste To Wind - Malawi

In modern society, two pressing challenges that demand attention are the abundance of waste and the need for renewable energy for all. From Waste To Wind, a start-up established in Antwerp, has set forth the goal of tackling these two challenges together. To be more precise, their vision is to engineer wind turbines made out of recycled plastic to generate electricity in a sustainable matter.

In this project, Humasol is partnering up with Waste to wind to develop an off-grid wind turbine system with batteries to produce electricity in the Green Malata Entrepreneurial village in Malawi. In partnership with Green Malata, an education centre offering entrepreneurial training for children and young adults, the objective extends far beyond the development of the wind turbine system. We want to cooperate and design a societal system that will include the education and training of students. This will ensure the long-term sustainability of the wind turbine and potential construction of additional turbines.

We will research a variety of options for all components in the system and try to source as much as possible locally. This will hopefully guarantee the operational viability of the turbines and create a reciprocal system that both parties can benefit and learn from.

Lien De Cordt


Michiel Spies


Lotte Cortens


Jesse Kamerling


Frederik Aerts