TPSI Niva Organics - Peru

The Peruvian Social Incubator (TPSI) is a Peruvian-Belgian organisation that supports local enterprises by enhancing their social capital and providing several programmes on how to run a successful business with the aim to have a positive environmental, social, and economic impact in Peru. Currently TPSI collaborates with Niva Organics, a local Peruvian chocolate company, to transform the agricultural waste of the cacao harvest into a sustainable packaging material, resulting in a more environmentally friendly alternative for the presently used plastic wrapping.

The facilities of Niva Organics are based in the small ‘Distrito de Kimbiri’, situated in La Convención Province, Peru. This is where our team will spend two months in the summer of ‘24, interacting with the local community to successfully execute this innovative project.

The end goal of this unique collaboration between TPSI, Niva Organics, and Humasol is to find a procedure to transform the agricultural waste of the cacao production into a sustainable, biodegradable packaging. This journey will result in mutual benefits for every party involved. It enables Niva Organics to move to a more sustainable-oriented business in line with customer demands. Further, TPSI will have another successful partnership, stimulating other entrepreneurs to reach out for support if needed. Lastly, Humasol enhances its expertise on many crucial aspects of leading an abroad cooperation and gains insights into the technological aspects of sustainable packaging, while we, the project students, will have an unforgettable experience in Peru.

Dunia Tornila Jichi


Lorenz De Maeyer


Kamiel Kenis


Jesse Schoofs


Amaris Dehertogh