SawallaH - Gambia

Gambia, situated in West Africa, is the smallest country on the African mainland. In the inland of Gambia not every village has a well-equipped and reliable electricity grid. We want to improve this in line with the Humasol objective, “renewable and sustainable energy for all”. To achieve this objective we will work in cooperation with SawallaH. 

In 2011 SawallaH took the initiative to start the construction of the ‘SawallaH Primary and Nursery School’ in Sinchu-Gidom. They provide quality education in areas where it’s unavailable and create a nurturing environment for young minds to thrive. In this way they are fostering community development. More info:SawallaH

Our goal is to ensure a reliable supply of electricity for the schools by constructing a PV-installation and using batteries to store energy. If we have time and resources to spare, we will also provide a public charging station for the local residents of the village. 

We, Amelie, Jill, Lien and Jacob, are an enthusiastic team with diverse backgrounds and passions. Together we are looking forward to discovering the world of PV-installations. 

Let our electrifying journey begin! 🙂

Jacob Deforce


Jill Lootens


Amelie Vandenhende


Lien Thorrez


Julie Van Zele


Julian Roba

Technology Manager