Pamojo Kenya 2021

PV Installation

The goal of Pamoja Mission Africa (PMA) is to support orphans and vulnerable children and provide
basic education. Their goal is to guide them until they can spread their wings and fly. PMA also owns
a piece of land, the PMA land, on which crops can be grown. These are used to feed the children.
Cooking is done twice a day: for breakfast and lunch. Furthermore a livelihood group for the parents
was established. In this group parents support each other and discuss how to solve problems.

Our project takes places in two schools in Nyeri county. The first school is called Star of Hope. In this
school some – but not all – children are financially supported by PMA. About 20 children are taught
here. The building consists of corrugated sheets. The second school is located at the PMA land. It was
named Newland. The site consists of one main building (three classrooms + second floor), the
kitchen, toilet and staff houses. This school teaches 15 children. At the moment, the main building is
still under construction. Plastering and wiring will be done when we arrive.

Both schools need electricity in order to be able to charge phones and two laptops, for a television
and for lighting in the evening/night. The latter is, amongst other things, important to them in terms
of security.


Lara Vissers


Michiel van Cauwelaert


Jens Lateur



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