Mbarara Water Purification - Uganda

Mbarara city is located in the Western region of Uganda. It is Uganda’s second-largest city and draws its water primarily from River Rwizi which runs through it. However, this river is increasingly polluted by agricultural runoff, sewage, and industrial trash.
This causes great difficulties at the campus of the faculty of science and technology from Mbarara University (MUST). While the state provides an installation that pumps the river water to the campus, they still rely on other water sources for potable water. This team consisting of three Humasol students and three students from Mbarara University will try to tackle this problem by installing a water purification system. That way the 800 students going to this campus and the 350 students residing there will have access to free and reliable drinking water.
The team will focus on affordability, sustainability and reproducibility when designing this water purification system. That way it hopes to inspire others in the area to install a similar system and further enhance the quality of Mbarara’s drinking water.



Gabrielle de Barsy


Zacharias Guislain


Willem Van Melle


Kenzie De Smet


Merel Van Ginderachter

Technology Manager