Mbarara irrigation - Uganda

Currently, the farmers of Mbarara rely heavily on rainwater to grow their crops, but in recent years this rain has become increasingly difficult to predict. Some seasons are very dry so nothing can grow, which impacts their diets and the food supply in Mbarara. Therefore, there is clearly a push for agricultural irrigation. Fortunately, the Rwizi River flows through Mbarara, providing opportunities to ensure water for nearby agricultural fields.

In collaboration with 3 students and some staff from MUST(Mbarara University of Science and Technology), we will try to design and install a suitable and sustainable irrigation system, relying on the Rwizi river, using a pump supported by solar panels. In doing so, we hope to make the project successful and show other farmers that there are more affordable solutions to the drought they face each year. We are already very excited for the project and to contribute to the agricultural systems in Mbarara and hope we can make a difference for some.

Aaron Janssens


Renee Kelem


Xander Maes


Miel Provoost


Merel Van Ginderachter

Technology Manager