Entente PV and biogas - Senegal

Due to climate change, rapid population growth and rural emigration, Senegal will be facing significant challenges in ensuring food security.  To tackle these challenges, Entente, a rice farm in Senegal, aims to implement a sustainable agriculture system with a specific focus on local production and green energy. In addition, they want to promote young entrepreneurship and female employment. 

Our project, in collaboration with Ondernemers voor ondernemers, has 2 main goals. Firstly, we will install solar panels at Entente to cool a storage room for fruits and vegetables. Secondly, we will design and build a biodigestor to produce biogas from organic waste. This biogas will be mainly used for cooking.

Matteo Sakr


Kasper Michiels


Eva Donnay


Ruben Vanherpe


Kamiel Kenis


Rafael Lodewyckx and Louis Storm


Pieterjan Espeel

Technology Manager