Entente irrigation - Senegal

We, Anouk Menten, Tom Paquet, Pieter Steelant and Mali Van Cleemputare four motivated students who are thrilled to contribute to a small community in Kabiline, Senegal. With our backgrounds as engineering students we hope to share our knowledge about irrigation systems and solar pumps with the farm and the people around.

Our project will be in collaboration with Entente in Senegal and OVO in Belgium. The goal of our project is to expand an existing irrigation system from 1,5 hectares to 7 hectares and make it more efficient. The irrigation system is destined for a variety of crops to ensure a stable source of income. Building a storage facility for the crops which also gives them the possibility to process their harvest for future sales. The farm also gives women the opportunity to work and engages them in the farming process. We hope that with our project this opportunity will increase.

We will be working under the motto “Entente, pour une terre vivante”, which captures the essence of our mission, giving the community of Kabiline a living earth from which they can grow.

Entente, pour une terre vivante!

Pieter Steelant


Tom Paquet


Mali Van Cleemput


Anouk Menten


David De Knop


Laura Nieto

Technology Manager