Agrimulimi Fresh Solutions

Agrimulimi Fresh Solutions is a start-up that aims to reduce food waste in Uganda. Elgon wants to achieve this by means of reviewing and optimizing the entire supply chain of tomatoes from local farmers to the central markets. The company was founded by Creamo and Einstein Rising last year. The Humasol team plays a big role in the technical assistance of a local team of seasoned entrepreneurs as well as recently graduated engineers and business administration professionals.

Food waste has both a major economic impact and an impact on the environment. By optimizing the inefficient parts of the supply chain, products can be kept fresh for longer and a larger fraction can reach the consumer before it expires. Elgon is an eco-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective wholesaler that improves the income of local producers and/or shops. In addition, it will reduce food waste and increase the value of the product.

The team will analyze and improve the transport and storage parts of the tomato supply chain. More specifically, they will come up with a design for a central cooling/storage room and innovate the transportation process. 

This project will focus mostly on two Sustainable Development Goals. The essence of the project will be SDG 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure, and SDG 12, responsible consumption and production.

Julien Storm


Victoria Vandenberghe


Ruben Wauters


Nicolas De Bie


Kate Mouling


Hannah Vanhoof



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