Ekisande Oeganda

In many places in Africa, electricity is unavailable or unreliable, frequently having periods of power outage. This is no different in Kisebe, a small village in Uganda near the Congolese border where the unreliable electricity grid is not yet available. In this village, there is a school and a health care centre with no source of power. The lack of power prevents the school from hosting classes after dark, and prevents the health care centre from storing medicine in a fridge and from using electrical medical equipment. Education and the people’s well-being are therefore hindered because there is no electricity available.

This is why our project focuses on providing clean, reliable electricity to the school and the health care centre in Kisebe, to give people the best opportunities at education and healthcare as we can provide. We will therefore be installing a solar powered electricity installation at both buildings, so people can have energy without suffering from power outages they would have if we would install the grid there. Solar panels provide energy during the day, which will be saved on batteries to use when the sun is down.

This project is in collaboration with Ekisande, a Belgian non-profit organisation active in Kisebe. Ekisande is responsible for the existence of the school and health care center, among others. It strives to have proper education and health care for everyone, in order to have a long lasting positive effect on the local community and individuals.

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