Aquaponic Benin

Our project takes place in Parakou, the largest city in northern Benin, where we will install an aquaponic system. Aquaponics combines fish culture with plant production into a single ecosystem. The principle is that the waste produced by fish feeds the plants which in turn purify the water, creating one continuous cycle. This could offer a great solution for problems like protein deficiency, which is caused by a lack of diversity in food. The advantage of aquaponic systems is a rapid growth of vegetables, little use of water and you can farm fish, which are rich in proteins. The system depends on a small pump – to circulate water between plants and fish – and needs to be powered with energy on a continuous base. This is not feasible in remote locations with an unstable grid. Therefore the energy for the pump will be supplied with solar panels. 

Our partner is the Foundation Hubi & Vinciane. Their activities are mainly aimed at combating malnutrition and strengthening the knowledge and skills of a healthy and balanced nutrition. Our second partner is the University of Parakou, where they already have a pilot installation.

Miel Provoost


Elisabeth Depla


Emilia Liegeois


Midas Caubergs



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