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Who & what

Who are we and what do we do?


Humasol is a non-profit organization whose objective is to make renewable energy, water and sustainable technology accessible to everyone. We work on these themes in Africa, Asia and South America. Humasol works closely with local partners in the South to jointly develop a reliable and clean energy supply. We carry out technical projects, such as designing and installing photovoltaic solar panels, and socio-economic projects, such as setting up local management organizations that maintain and monitor the installations. Our projects are carried out by students and volunteers who, after a thorough preparation in Belgium, spend several weeks or months at the project location.


Midas Caubergs

Midas Caubergs


Bianca De Saedeleer

Bianca De Saedeleer

Vice President (Gent)

Lien Van Der Schueren

Lien Van Der Schueren

Vice President (Leuven)

Nicolas Heintz

Nicolas Heintz


Tom Crauwels

Tom Crauwels

Project Coordinator

Gertjan Maenhout

Gertjan Maenhout


Steven De Baerdemaecker

Steven De Baerdemaecker


Jef Masereel

Jef Masereel

Partner Relations


Arno Marechal

Cedric Pieters

Dries De Proost

Jasmine Oosterlinck

Laura De Pue

Maaike Vanhee

Ona Vanden Bergh

Steven Claessens

Tom De Bruyn

Astrid Vermaut

Barbara Thijs

Emilie Dom

Jens Moens

Laure Maes

Marjon Willekens

Raf Van Gorp

Steven De Bruyn

Willem Lambrichts

Benjamin Dieudonné

Charlotte Vervaet

Geert Serneels

Jonas Debrabandere

Leen Janssens

Mathieu De Zutter

Robbe Tommelein

Stijn Desmet

Willem Maertens

Cedric Nijssen

David Schokaert

Gil Op de Beeck

Kenneth Van den Bergh

Louis Lein

Midas Caubergs

Sam Van Dyck

Thomas Maes

Wouter Parys


Celien Mertens

Lieselot Peeters

Dieter Duyck

Jorn Tuyls

Michiel Stevens

Vincent Everaerts

Helena Vanrespaille

Kenneth Bruninx