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Private Donations

Thanks to a gift to Humasol you will help to improve the quality of life of rural communities in less affluent parts of the world. You helps to promote sustainable technologies and the ability of local partner to build renewable energy facilities and to maintain, increase. Humasol is a non-profit organization that fully supports for its effect on committed volunteers.

Tax reduction

Humasol may pay a tax certificate for tax reductions for donations of at least € 40 per year (see table). You will receive your tax receipt automatically in the month of March in the year following your donation. Please note that we can only issue tax certificates to people who directly pay a contribution.
More information about tax reductions and gifts here.

Pay a one-time donation of at least € 10 marked
“Donation to Humasol association + First Name + address”
To the bank account of Humasol
IBAN: BE35 7330 5585 3337 BIC: KREDBEBB
Desguinlei 214, 2018 Antwerp, VAT BE 0809,102,140
Taxable income €marginal rate per  €40 Reduction
€ 0,01 – € 8.070 25% € 10
€ 8.070 – € 11.480 30% € 12
€ 11.480 – € 19.130 40% € 16
€ 19.130 – € 35.060 45% € 18
€ 35.060 of meer 50% € 20

Become a sponsor

Because Humasol bears the costs of its projects you are sponsoring an essential building block of our organization. Your sponsorship allows us to realize projects on sustainable techniques and ambitious students with the opportunity to complete a full project cycle. Thanks to our rigorous selection process, we ensure that we select well-performing project and motivated students to design our projects and to realize. Our sponsor will help you come into contact with high potentials and will engage your company to invest underline in a sustainable future. You will have the opportunity to use a number of interesting channels to promote your business among students and the general public. For more information we invite you to contact us via this form.

Become a sponsor

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