Last Sunday we finally stepped on the plane to Uganda! We were all very excited to start our project at VMG (Vertical Micro Gardens) and MACCA (Measures Against Climate Change in Agriculture). But before we started working, the people of Einstein Rising took us on a three day trip in Kampala to visit different enterprises that work with OvO and wherebe social impact plays a central role. We called this the inspiration tour!

After arriving in Kampala at 6AM, we took a quick nap and we visited Einstein Rising, which is the OVO branch in East Africa. Here we met with the Elgon fresh team that will work together with another Humasol group.  The next few days, Raymond, Pius, Willfred and Solomon joined us to visit some of the projects that work together with Einstein Rising.
Rena beverages produces drinks made from locally grown ingredients. This includes bottled hibiscus juice and a variety of teas and coffees. All their drinks are full of vitamins and antioxidants. Their production process focuses on using as little plastic as possible. They are also involved in the MACCA project! Here we tasted our very first rolex (comes from the word ‘rolled eggs’). 
ClinicMaster provides a digital system that has helped healthcare facilities in Africa to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Up till now their system is implented in over 180 Healthcare facilities. 
Imani academies makes education available to young children from disadvanted communities. They currently have one school, but they plan to open many more in the near future. 
Bold Energy Limited is an energy-focused manufacturing, trading and consultancy company incorporated in Uganda to stimulate renewable energy and energy efficient technologies for small and medium enterprises, government agencies and households. We got a change to walk through the production line of the ‘bold stove’, which is made from locally available materials and is optimalised to be more efficient than an open fire. This saves a lot of firewood or coles. 
Innovex develops embedded technology that monitors energy systems like solar panels and water pumps. This allows solar companies to access performance parameters such as the battery health so they can prevent the system from breaking down. This might be interesting for some future Humasol projects.. 😉


T4T or ‘Technology For Tomorrow’ use technology to solve basic needs, while using locally available materials and keeping their product affordable. An example are the Makapads, which are affordable menstrual products that are available to girls who otherwhise cannot afford them. 
Akaboxi created an digital financial system for small holder farmers in Uganda. This is a way they can keep track of their finances without a lot of extra costs by sharing an Akaboxi machine with other people in their community. They are also involved in the MACCA project!
MedX provides a digital platform to manage the  medical testing process. This way they can improve quality and reduce the processing time.