Ngenda eli e’Kampala, the place of many impala translated from the local Luganda. Where we have not yet been lucky enough to see an impala, Kampala is a bustling capital city that is home to up to 2 million Ugandans. The huge crowds and traffic seem far from cozy, but this is then completely offset by the incredible hospitality of the people. Surrounded by 7 hills, this is the place where all the different tribes and cultures melt together and the Ugandan identity is established.


Since our arrival in Entebbe (July 4) we have been welcomed with open arms. Marvin, entrepreneur and owner of MarvSafaris, has guided and accompanied us during four days through the unknown Kampala jungle. We are very grateful to him; the law of the jungle also applies here and can sometimes be unforgiving of foreign unkowing animals.


But what have we done here in Kampala? We had planned a few days for dealing with ‘unfinished buzinezz’. Once the advance had been paid and sufficient trust had been built up via WhatsApp, Epicenter Africa Ltd. (our local supplier in Kampala) would have liked to have the remaining 60% of the amount deposited.
The money transactions did not run smoothly and we encountered several roadblocks (literally, credit card limits). In the end we were able to transfer the necessary millions UGX (‘This is what inflation looks like’ -Ryan) with many thanks to Peter De Koninck.



Every buzinezztrip of course also includes the necessary outings and dinners. With freshly caught ‘Telapia’ fish (from Lake Victoria) in our hands we enjoyed our first ‘Nile’ beer. This is brewed with water from the source where the only, real Nile flows from. Let’s hope it doesn’t dry up with the new Belgian delegation in town. We also made stops at the karaoke bar and the Peace restaurant (highly recommended), where we feasted on local delicacies and several starch sources such as sweet potatoes, manioc and rice. With all the components loaded, we are now on our way to our final destination: the westernmost village in Uganda called Bwera. The long-anticipated meeting with our local partner and priest Father. Tom will then take place.

Stay tuned!