Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first blog post written on African soil. Our adventure started one week ago, with a huge layover in Cairo, Egypt. After some consideration and multiple offers, we decided to take the leap and go for a visit to the pyramids. There are definitely worse places to be stuck. A wonder of the world is now checked off our bucket list. Another nice surprise during our Egyptian stay was the accommodation. It’s EgyptAir policy to provide us with an overnight stay in a 5-star hotel, meals included, and this all for free! Furthermore we went to see the Sphinx, got a papyrus demonstration tour and a oil smelling sort of thing. 

Next stop: Kinshasa. Our flight towards was as smooth as possible, as was the reception and drive to our hotel. Lots of garbage, poverty and crazy traffic, those were the things that describe Kinshasa. Luckily for us, Hyppo and Dolar guided us through the next day. We went shopping for groceries for the trip, bought a simcard and saw Congo Brazaville across the river. Did you know that the capital of this country and Congo DR are the closest in the world?

After a night that saw multiple cockroaches crawling up the walls, it’s time for our journey to Matadi. An 8 hour drive on a remarkably good road brought us at our final destination. On the way we just stared out the windows, taking in different sights and situations. Some patches of tropical forest as well as extreme poverty. 

Quite a trip, 3 full days, to arrive here. We’re excited to see what is next!