Only 72 hours to go… We can’t wait to leave for Congo and see if our first African adventure ends well. Because no, those pyramids in the photo are not just ideal clickbait. Due to an unfortunate cancellation of our (cheap) Rwandair tickets to Kinshasa, we now have a layover of 22h in Cairo. This gives us the perfect opportunity to visit the pyramids. But whether we will succeed is another question: the Egyptian traffic and airport personnel are still obstacles to be overcome. All we know for sure is that we have to go to customer services once we land.


Of course, planning our pyramid trip is not the only thing we have done these last weeks before departure. Besides taking exams, we plundered the electrical shop with money from a last minute sponsor, finally got our visas and made sure we have everything we need to survive in Matadi. The first words of Lingala are also being practiced. Some of them you can find below. Yesterday evening we also had a final meeting with our partner before departure and it went very well. In short, we are ready for Congo, but is Congo (+ Caïro) ready for us? We will find in a couple of days and you will find out in our next post!



Ndenge nini?

How are you?

Kombo na yo?

What’s your name?

Piramide oyo ezali


Lars oyo ako futa nyosso

Lars will pay for everything

Mbótama elámu!

Happy Christmas!


Pleased to meet you



Kolia mboté!

Bon appetit!