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Only two weeks have passed since our last update and here we are again with a lot of thrilling novelties for you! We know we are repeating ourselves, but we do this with immense pleasure because our team has welcomed yet another a brand new team member!! This time we are talking about Arjan Poisquet, a bachelor student mechanical engineering at the KU Leuven. He may not know a lot about bacteria yet, but he definitely will after this project because he is very eager to get acquainted with our little friends (and of course with the other team members as well, but this is a mere detail 😉 ). On top of that, let’s hope he didn’t burn, nor shredded his course book Fluïdummechanics because this will come in very handy once we start calculating pipe flows and flow rates for our reactor.

Talking about exciting news: we have received word from the KU Leuven that we can use their lab facilities to grow our indispensable bacteria. Although we can only start around the beginning of April, we are extremely grateful for their helpful support. Gloria is currently in South-America for her internship anyway and she’ll be back by then, so we can start this experiment together as a bacteria-loving team.

Next public service announcement 🙂 we booked our flight tickets!!! So now it’s official there’s no turning back! We leave for Zambia on the 7th of July and will be back before you know it on the 1st of September (for all the relatives and friends: enjoy this short period during which you finally succeeded to get rid of us). And expect to be flooded with mind-blowing updates about our adventure in Africa.

And finally, talking about leaving: Team spring departed for Zambia a few days ago and are currently collecting a lot of crucial information for us. They said and I quote: ‘We had a very warm welcome and everything is going fine!’. So nothing but positive news from their side. Way to go Team spring! Enjoy Zambia and good luck to you!

Until next time with hopefully even more new team-members a.k.a. ‘The bacteria’!

Team summer