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To begin the week I decided to join the others on their 2h drive in the mountains back to Chirinos – 1km higher than Jaèn – in order to introduce myself to the coffeecooperative there, la Prosperidad de Chirinos. Once again, everybody is very kind and generous, immediately giving you a warm welcome and alot of cool looking, tasty fruit. Also, Alden and Simon arranged to get a motorcycle from the Prosperidad for their daily trip to playa hermosa – where they’re repairing the hydro installation – which keeps up their morale.

Tuesday morning I hopped on a truck of the Prosperidad de Chirinos to return to Jaèn and pick up the materials (steel tubes) we purchased last week for the construction of the solar dryer.

Once back in Jaèn, I tried to calibrate the humidity sensors with the commercial sensor at the cooperativa. This comes down to linking the humidity % with an electrical property of the coffee beans and doing this often enough to have sufficient data points until you can draw a line through them. Unfortunately, it turned out to be very difficult to get samples of wet coffee beans (humidity of >14%), so the calibration of the sensors isn’t finished yet.

Calibrating a humidity sensor with coffee samples

On a more positive note, Lenin was throwing a party to celebrate a friend’s birthday with colleagues from Sol y Café. The combination of pisco sour (a famous spirit claimed by both Peru and Chili as their national drink), nice people and tipsy dancing on latino music was genuinely alot of fun.

and after

Birthday cake before











In the weekend we went on a two day trip to Trujillo for a balanced mix of culture – thanks to a visit to the ‘Temple of the moon’ – and an intense surfing session.

LESSON OF THE WEEK n°2: Peruvians are naturally good dancers and ‘Ceviche’ (most famous local meal) is a very refreshing raw fish dish



Entrance to the ‘Huaca de la luna’ or Temple of the moon

Huanchaco, a surfing spot nearby Trujillo