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Renewable technology for all

Humasol is a non-profit organization which aims to provide access to renewable energy, water and sustainable technology for everyone.

Africa, Asia en South-America

We are active in Africa, Asia en South-America.

Local partners

Humasol works closely with local partners in the South to build up a reliable and clean energy supply.

Students and volunteers

Our projects are carried out by students and voluntary capacity after they have been given a thorough preparation in Belgium
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Reliable and clean energy supply


Our projects in Africa, Asia and South-America

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Is a non-profit organisation which has as its main purpose to make renewable energy, water and sustainable technology accessible to everyone. We work on these subjects in Africa, Asia and South-America.

Humasol works closely together with local partners in the South to build solid and clean energy supply. We carry out technical projects, like designing and installing photovoltaic solar panels, and socio-economical projects, like setting up administrating organisations which follows up and maintains the installations. Our projects are realised by students and volunteers who, after a thorough preparation in Belgium, spend several months on the location of the project.

If you see something good, give a compliment. If you see something wrong, offer your help. Nelson Mandela

Anti-apartheid revolutionary

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